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Steps on How to Send a Certified Mail

Certified mails have been used for many years to send sensitive information and although there are better ways to send messages today, they are still in use. Certified mails help the sender keep track of the sending and recipient of the mail to the sender is sure the mail is received. Due to the advancement in technology, there are two ways of sending a certified mail. Click now to get more info. One is through a post office and there is also the online website where you can send the mail. If you need help in sending a certified mail through any of the ways then you can follow the steps in this article. Below are the some of the steps that should take when you want to send a certified mail.

When sending through a post office, you have to visit the post office and fill in form 3800. In the form, you have a receipt that is the proof that you sent the item and also a barcode which you will use to track the sent email. Then stick the sticker on the envelope of the mail to the side of the return address and leave a space enough for the postal address of the receiver. At the post office, you are supposed to pay fees for the services to make the payments and you can decide to pay for a private delivery service which is optional. You can also decide to pay for the return receipt services or not. Keep the mailing records as a proof of sending and keep track of the mail on the internet or look out for the signature of receiving from the post office.

For you to send a certified mail online you need to have an account with the delivery services which is free to sign up. Check out the terms of sending the mail and also the prices they charge for the services. Write your letter online and sign it whenever needed so that it will be simple and trustworthy to the recipient. You can only sign the document while printed out so print and sign then scan it back and save. Click homepage to get more info. Upload the mail to the delivery services website and give all the details on the address for both you the sender and the recipient. Allow the sending services send the mail for you and you can keep track on the delivery and recipient of the mail from your computer. Learn more from

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